Open Source edition downloads

You can download the latest versions of MistServer open source here.

Pro edition discontinued, all versions Open Source!

If you are looking for our Pro edition, we discontinued it and since our MistServer 3.0 release we now only offer a full-featured free open source edition. You can read more about this here. Due to the nature of MistServers redesign we did have to delay MacOS and Windows builds. We will be updating those to 3.X in the future. If you wish to use MistServer in a professional environment and want our assistance please Contact us for support licensing options.

Operating System / linkVersion
Linux 64 bits 3.3
Linux 32 bits3.3
Windows 64 bits2.18.1-Pro
MacOS 64 bits2.18.1-Pro
ARMv8 64 bits3.3
Docker hub image3.3